Modelling and Concept Reels

2016 Character modelling reel - shot breakdown as follows:

00:02 - War Horses - Battle of the Bastards - Iloura breakdowns - modelling, texturing and key muscle blend shapes for horses and wild-lings as well as saddle modelling and texturing.
00:41 - Peach John - Cutting Edge -Environment and props modelling, texturing, concept development for ice palace.
00:53 - Double Blind - Cutting Edge - Concept sculpt, modelling, texturing for art house statue for experimental film.
01:08 - I Frankenstein- Cutting Edge - Modelled and textured digital doubles demons, including internal musculature, bespoke skulls.
01:30 - Wandering Tattler - Cutting Edge - modelling, rigging texturing and initial feather grooming.
01:50 - Mako - Cutting Edge - Sea dragon model and concept - Zbrush, Photoshop, initial modo renders/look dev with final model in Maya rendered in Mantra/Houdini (TV series).
02:25 - Funnel web spider - model for film. Maya and ZBrush, diffuse maps, specular displacement and bump.
02: 37 - Natures Own Fern - Cutting Edge - Modelling, rigging and texturing

Concept modelling reel - Various works.

VFX modelling reel 2016

Concept modelling reel 2016